Thursday, October 18, 2012

Artist _El Mac @ Katherine Cone Gallery

Just recently had the chance to meet one of my favorite artist, Elmac. Click the link for his website, he also has an official blog here.  Elmac's work crosses boundaries of graffiti and fine arts by blending techniques of portraiture and aerosol painting.  Mac's use of fat caps on his mural work is incredible layering lines to create contour and detail.  In his fine art smaller work his lines are much more precise and stylized giving the facial structure a one of kind textural quality while blending colors and movement to create very life like imagery.  It was an honor and great inspiration to meet him at his gallery show along with the likes of Shepard Fiery, Robbie Conal, and Sean Cheetham.


Dope- Gevenchy x Brooklyn Nets put together _Wilfry

Trap Art - Studio stuff still in the works.

WORK IN PROGRESS- "Lords Prayer"

Social/ political statement made on this life we live and the things we glorify with purpose.  This is stage two, the next addition will be more color some refined cleanup and a coat of epoxy. m The text on this painting is the lords prayer incomplete. - TonyConcep

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Deception" painting lyrics by musician: Coultrain

Just finished the first stages of a painting inspired by the lyrics of my homey Coultrain.  Taking his words and creating the type and layout has set-up a nice foundation.  Next will be the addition of more color and highlights specific to lines and words, also additional pattern with an epoxy coating.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Bishop" - Incomplete for Gunshow Gallery

The piece was destroyed on a ride back from a show I did out in Santa Anna.  It was decided to keep the work and salvage what I could and i'm glad I did.  Continuing to make changes the work is beginning to shift from it's original idea to something new.  Maybe I will re-stretch crudely and continue to distress.  Sorry for such a shitty photo.

Studio work in progress..Downtown Los Angeles

 In the studio approaching mid-October > experimentating with lettering and the work is taking on new form.  Writing has always been an important way to track life's timeline to me, so I decided to add some of my written work to the paintings.  Creating new fonts and dialogue between the words, colors, sizing etc. has given me some new enthusiasm and added new energy.  These shots reflect the past two/three weeks of work.