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"Cadillac Ambitions"pgs. 1-3.A BOOK

Sleeping in these - and doing the electric slide'..sideways

yea- tribe J's

TK - Supras

Goodmorning Brooklyn

Dance "Lofting Clip" - Sullivan Room NYC

On The Radar - kicks

Brooklyn Independent Television - and 'The Foreign Exchange' album is the truth annorable mention to Ralph Lauren

Painting "Broken Dreams"pt.2 - sick @ home

MTV2 - Indie Music Week - My Videos

Mel D. Cole - / photography

Marithe Francois Girbaud - design and art connect.

More Photos - ARTBATTLES09' - thnx B.

a2+b2+c2 = my motto explained?

Artbattles-Le Poisson Rouge 01/23/09 - photos

ARTBATTLES-Le Poison Rouge 01/23/09


Painting The Studio back in May- LUSSW magazine

In The Beginning - a famous negro artist - Homebase