Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Cadillac Ambitions"pgs. 1-3.A BOOK

A few pages from my book. I hear there is a lot of good art in Italy, need to write that one in. My boy was building' about his travels. Mad inspiring to know "The World Is A Playground".

Sleeping in these - and doing the electric slide'..sideways

crazy charlotte hornets status, sharks' starter jacket *CC jams coming back.

yea- tribe J's

TK - Supras

Need to see these in person.

Goodmorning Brooklyn

Just woke up and the sun is shining... The studio is open and the energy is travelling. I love to wake up and have these paintings wake up with me.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dance "Lofting Clip" - Sullivan Room NYC

Dance - Lofting Session

This dance style is called 'lofting' , it combines all elements of dance and is combative yet cooperative. The dance involves a group, in this clip there are some of the illest' NY house dancers around right now gettin' it in at Sullivan Rooms 'Libation' party. I'm wild'n out in too so enjoy. Sidenote: when we dance it's one of the closest things to the most high, my opinion. i say this because moves are givin to us too express with, they come from thin air, sure you can practice, but the truest experience is becoming an instrument, a tool for energy to travel through...aight too much Never Ending Story on that.

On The Radar - kicks

I couldn't do the Lemar & Dauley ahh di daas' but these collabro's are dope DC shoes

I have one other pair of hybrid A1's these will be next my favez'

always after sh*t (every) dude just can't pull-off

not into cons but if I see'em they copped

Mad futuristic

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brooklyn Independent Television - and 'The Foreign Exchange' album is the truth annorable mention to Ralph Lauren

Painting "Broken Dreams"pt.2 - sick @ home

I've been trying to fight this lil' flu off so I haven't had the energy to get it in, but I idd work on this piece a bit more and it's crazy cuz the canvas I am using is eating my paint alive. I should have gesso'd it first cuz it's taking a lot of time to cover my canvas...The colors are popping out and I think in one more sit I can smash it. I'm thinking of layering texture like follage or grass or whatever over the whole thing, guess we'll see. I watched "Horton Hears a Who" today for inspiration, dope colors and imaginary gadgets, cartoons are the connect to my past that I create futuristic images from lol...If you don't like cartoons then you frontin' cut it out!

MTV2 - Indie Music Week - My Videos

concep MTV2

Music Inspired -
concep MTV2 PT 4

concep MTV2 PT 3

Time Lapse Live Art -
concep MTV2 PT 2

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mel D. Cole - / photography

This dude is like the new Ricky P. or the black Terry Richardson or some sh*t. I dope photographer, check out his blog. I hit his page to be inspired by the New York nightlife. Here is a flic from Santo's party house on a fun night w/ the homie Shimmy'...

Marithe Francois Girbaud - design and art connect.

@ my day job I do fashion graphics for Marithe Francois Girbaud. Being from New Orleans the capital of Girbaud jeans it's pretty funny I would end up working for a brand I watched my cousins match fresh jordans with at a time when I couldn't afford to be as fly, remember them "moms buying my clothes leaving them on the bed days" LOL, but fashion is a major part of my work. I search for patterns and prints in everyday things, looking for design inspiration while just walking up the block. In my paintings you may find stitch lines, graphic placements, text hits, tonal colors, and in my graphic design you will find the elements of the paintings, drips, color blocking, graffiti color sckemes, sneaker colorways, and a lot of the same textures I love to immulate. Finding balance between art, fine art, and fashion is somewhat a goal with all this.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Photos - ARTBATTLES09' - thnx B.

Better flic of my piece, I was good w/ it...

Wonder what the judges was talkin'bout... I was backstage by then on the Redstripe.

I had my headphones in on the low listening to my sh*t

If you never hear me speak just listen to what the paintings are saying...

I'm trying to get motivated and begin painting this year, i've really been trying to build up energy to go in on my work for the new year but lately I've been distracted. Sometimes i force something out or just go in blind w/ just the canvas and immediate thoughts. I love the way the paint looks when it first hits the palette.

I was listening to this house track called "Broken Dreams" earlier and this is what I started...

It doesn't look like much now but it's a start...I want to get as close to my emotions and imagination as i can. The way people see it or interpret is on them. So far it's kinda what i been feeling like lately, weight ontop, moving forward but looking back? Tangled but with optimism? Idonno, tomorrow it'll be a whole new painting...

a2+b2+c2 = my motto explained?

A2+b2=c2 is my motto I guess. A2=meaning past, b2=meaning present, c2=meaning future. Together in a full equation the Pythagorean theorem is the answer to complete living. The present being the most exciting time we have before us, wedges us directly between to definites, meaning a2=represents our birth and b2=represents our death. So essentially what lies inbeteeen is waiting to happen, could have possibly already happened, so we have no worries, for our time is now. This theme runs within all of my work. The edges aren't very sharp in my explination but it more or less is an ideal of a beginning, middle, and end to everything. The idea just illuminated the middle for it's overall connectivity to it's start and finish. In my paintings certain areas may represent each singular part of the eqaution. I may place a2 at the very top of a piece and c2 low to the bottom because it's my goal to subconciously get the viewer to move their eyes in a wave from the upper to the lower portion of a piece.

My birth name initials = A.C.B / Anthony Christopher Brown - a2= Anthony b2= Becomes c2= Concep? a2=Anthony + b2=Brown =equals c2=Concep a2+b2=c2 past + present = future

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Artbattles-Le Poisson Rouge 01/23/09 - photos

Getting it in on my painting-start

Almost done here - Fin

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ARTBATTLES-Le Poison Rouge 01/23/09

Peace and Thanks to everybody who made it out lastnight to Artbattles'. I will be posting some quality flics soon but heres the camera phone shot of my piece. Guess I call it..."hang on" I I like this one. (

Friday, January 23, 2009


Today I'm getting prepared for another Artbattles competition, tonight @ Le Poison Rouge on Bleeker st. In soho. Artbattles is a live painting comp. In which 6-10 artist work on a piece infront of a live artist and they vote at the end to determine the winner. In 2007 I got a bit of recognition from winning MTV's artbattles comp. Live @ mtv's' TRL studios. The win propelled me into a world of live painting and since I have created art in numerous clubs, lounges, shows etc. This was a major factor in my collecting so much work last year. Check (, to see how the whole MTV thing went down check out (
My good friend Sean Bono created the battles while attending Pratt Institute in BK back in like 01'? (don't quote me) and I remember doing my first battle in the schools student union center and loosing to a cat' named Ben Angotti, a trained fine art major/painter... Since,... I have gotten him back but it's still official to sharpen the sword and compete to push out something infront of a live audience that might surprise even yourself.
When I'm painting and my back is to an audience It's almost like I wrap myself in a blanket and become invisible, I tend to block out everything like when your dancing to a good song and can't see anything but your feet moving. The audience is like a voyer to a process very few get too experience, they get a first hand look at your imagination exposed, you stand naked (not literally) but open to a point that cannot be hidden or concealed. I unveal my truest self infront a canvas with people onlooking, so I guess you could say it's much more than just a live painting, it's more like performance art, stage art, some real B2=present time developed and capitalized on with intensity ad creativity.


SHOUT TO SK8R ANTHONY-08' artbattles piece.

MY FIRST ARTBATTLES WIN PIECE-like idonno 01-02? Noletta House or someplace on Houston, it's wak but I still got it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Painting The Studio back in May- LUSSW magazine

I was fortunate to do the whole crib in like a week on some newport,22ounce, boombox in the corner type time. Here are a few flics the homegurl ( took as the paint went up. A few months later I ended up in LUSSW, a japanese men's wear mag' inbetween DJ.Cypher Sounds from hot97' and Lord Finesse in their who would have thought? I really want to do more cribs(trans: Home residencies, night clubs, hotels, all that sh*

In The Beginning - a famous negro artist - Homebase

So i'm doing a blog these days and the purpose for this is to bring the world closer to this art I believe so strongly in. Art and dance(bboy'n) are the focal points in my creative direction. Out of all the loves i've developed in this place/universe coming up, these are the tools ive been given along with the responsibility to expose these internal thoughts & ideas ya'dig. I would like to take you into the studio, bring you thru my corner of Brooklyn and explain some of the ingredients that go into my creative process. Please take a look and pass whatever you gain from the experience onto the next. Let's start with Homebase a.k.a The Studio (listening to "illa J"-Yancey Boys) cop that if you don't have it.



Shout to Tekay of LUSSW japan and Sara ( for the dope flics.