Thursday, May 28, 2009

T POUTINE restaurant - 168 Ludlow btn. Houston and Rivington / Paintined Floor Entrance & back Window

I mean Damn a brother gotta work right! So i've been on a true journey painting the interior of new business endeavor and eatery TPoutine brought to us by the amazing idea guy and super model Thierry Pepin. The shop is on the "new new" of design and caters to the taste of our French Canadian homies' who really get into Poutine which is a Canadian fave consisting of fries, cheese, and gravy baby. The restaurant will be open on Ludlow from 5pm to 5am and will mos def ease that 'drunkin' hunger after a long night of gettin' at the young ladies and gentlemens. My idea was to treat the painting portion like a large canvas incorporating the main logo image while giving the eye something to feed on. I hope you dig' it cuz I really spent all last week phoneless and unconnected to the world trying to get this right. Peep the flickers'. T Poutine will be opening next month, i'll let you know when the official jump off goes down ya'heard'.

Dirty Jeenius Project Shots - Undisclosed location, Tribeca

The folks over at Dirty Jeenius / Marcus and Tina big shouts' allowed me to be a part of their new upcoming artist shoot in Tribeca. The shots came out bangin' and you will be seeing some dope collabos' from myself and the DJ team in the near future. Peep the jeans, i'm working on these in many flavors and just banged out a pair for recording artist KalaeAllday...get at me

Capturing a variety of artists in NYC, on the verge and about to blow in their own Genius way! Photographer: Mike "DREW" Winterz Director: Tina Thadani

Just For Kicks Show - My sneaker submission.

I know it's been a minute party people out there since I rocked these posts, but who new it would be this hard to get folks to look at some art ya'dig....with that said. I rocked some kicks last week as part of my submission for the Just For Kicks show presented by Old-Soulz (Shout to Yaz). I used my most recent painting "Inside" as inspiration for the design and here you go. The kicks, "the official Fanny Pack dance team shoes" took me back at first but I dig the way they turned out. The show also features works from artists Pesu, Amada Diva, Rizz22, Jason Atienza, and Iz. The private opening was the 21st and the public opening is on the 11th of June. If you wanna peep for yourself, and just can't wait, stroll down to SoulFood NYC 38 lispenard St. NY, btn Broadway & Church and holla at the big'homie Mike. There's also 9 of my paintings featured and up for sale so (GO COP), "Marvin Flying High" one of my favorite works as seen on the flyer below is also hanging tuff so linkit'up if you in the hood.

Art Studio Interview w/ Amanda Diva - DivaDiva Ya'll Ep12 Featuring Asher Roth and Me at Home

Hmmm somewhere around the 3:30min mark Kawabunga!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shinichi Watanabe & Rai Present NY Sharing Apartment - Featuring My Old Space

So last year about this time I had my apartment shot by some good folks from Japan promising I'd be featured in their book etc. (Thanks 2 Shiba Kayo for hooking it up!) At the time I was living with my good "potna" Edubs A.K.A Ian, he and I have shared spaces since college and this one was a dope little spot. Tucked away in Windsor Terrace, our two bedroom abode made the cut and you can see my tupper'ware container I used to paint on w/ the first easel. The funny thing about this is the book made our crib look extra "lavy" and I told my bro' today "sometimes you don't realize how good you got it until it's gone...I felt cramped and the paintings began taking over the space, but in retrospect it was perfect and 'most def' a building block space to the studio i'm in now." PS. I had just finished the Obama painting when they came thru, it was around the time of the primary...peep'

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Download! - Q-tip, D'Angelo, Raphael Saadiq...I know thank me later

Download: Link

Dr. Romanelli You Bastard!

DOPE Source:Hypebeast

Lief - nice with aerosal

I just wanted to post my homie Lief's piece from his show Fine Lines over at Alphabeta going on until the 14th. You can see this and a few of his black & whites.


Chuck Close is "illy" - Paintings and Tapestries from 2005-2009 on view at PaceWildenstein 25th Street May 1 – June 20, 2009

NEW YORK, April 17, 2009—PaceWildenstein, which has represented Chuck Close for more than thirty years, is pleased to present Chuck Close: Selected Paintings and Tapestries, 2005-2009 from May 1through June 20, 2009 at 534 West 25th Street, New York City. This is the first New York exhibition in four years to feature the artist’s paintings, and the first to include a large selection of his tapestries. I was at the opening reception held on Thursday, April 30th from 6-8 p.m. And here are some shots I took with the I-Phizzy.

Chuck Close is one of my favorite living artists, his process is something I really admire and respect and I call him "the Professor" Chuck uses grids to plot out large format portraits created with shape and color. He's really a beast and I was once again inspired and blown away by his newest show. Special thanks to my good friend Patricia Dillon for the invitation, she has a great photo of me and Chuck out there somewhere, he really seemed like a nice guy...greating eager fans and taking countless flics.

Above in his tapestries Chuck shows us how he shoots the best references for his pieces to then be gridded out like you see below of artist Zhang Huan in which Close had both black 7 white and full color paintings of.

The Bill Clinton piece had me stuck, I had to really chill infront of this one and get it in...check out the difference between the up-close and standing back perspective.

Source info: pacewildenstein