Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - Inspiration

His music has been with me since birth, he gave my parents an entirely different soundtrack to their lives...So we will celebrate ya'dig.
Painted 06/25/09 Libations 137 Ludlow Thanks' Yaz(old-soulz)

In the above painting - Colors and emotion I tried to bring out, in a short period of time this was created. It was very hard to concentrate I just wanted the piece to have dignity/ stregnth.

The second piece I feel is still a work in progress but it came out in the perfect atmosphere - Sullivan Room NYC "Libations" party hosted by ManchildBlack/AroMosaic Soul w/ DJ Ian Friday. Again not perfect but it was great to paint and hear the music as related to the brush strokes. Ian Friday really gave everyone at the party the fix that was needed for such a day. I will continue to paint MJ's image and i'm sure there will be a lot of artistic expressions created in light of his passing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


New)Paintings for sale and on display at SoulFood NYC 38 Lispenard St. New York, New York (btn. Broadway & Church St.)Show is up currently and will run until July 11th. Work that has been up thus far will be changed for the Friday (June 26th Opening) Please come checkout work from Myself, Pesu, Rizz22, Amanda Diva, and others.

Painting Live Thurs. from 8:30-10:30 @ Libations Then painting from 11:00 Until at "Libations Party" over @ Sullivan Room NYC - Check'Out Links Below

Live painting Thursday night june 25th from 8:30-10:30 "Libations"

Live painting Thursday night later june 25th from 11:00-until "Sullivan Room NYC" Libations party Hosted by Afro Mosaic Soul & ManchildBlack w/ resident DJ Ian Friday.

A Close Degree - Big Bruh'

The same as me
In the future a celebration of growth,
A close degree
Our math put together forming a bond our oath,
When paths do change
I hope we still unite,
These times are strange
I turn my back but with clear sight,
You find yourself but loose this first,
But if not acted upon I sense things would get worse,
You missed my words when said in truth,
But sparked with loyalty I recite,
In years an elder in life a youth,
With no other relative as tight,
So if I'm solo and my back cannot be watched,
The darker days followed by the best of times revisited,
Just know love is for family, acquaintances not,
But it's a wrap for now my brother isn't it...

Watching the lil' cats come up.

Pics of me and my little homey Jordan practicing our breaking at Central Park Sunday skate circle. This cat' reminds me of myself back in the day for like a hundred reasons. He is a Dope' dancer and always jumps in the circle no matter what, I hope he learns every move I have and does them better, I think he will at the rate he's learning...PS. Happy Late Bday Jordan!

Monday, June 22, 2009

STEP YOUR SOCK GAME UP! brought to you by my lil bra' DANIEL D. SOCKTUN'

If you messin' with feet, then you messin' with socks. So my bra is gonna show you how to decorate your feet to tuck into your Airmax scenario's or (Kswiss'us) to each is own.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Paradise" - Back on the F to the A Train

This life my paradise,
Broken waves bring n new tides,
Gliding ideas as surfing days change,
The past running down the sand to be
Taken away by the great sea of knowledge,
Remembering the hard wood of pews,
The sweat taste given from the icee cup lady,
That $1 that could buy four good things,
Swept away into a newness of opportunities, fortune, and guidance,
At night the moon shines upon my paradise hugging its volume w/ dreams, poetic voices, signatures carved by lightening, hand claps snapping like thunder,
When the sun rises in my paradise,
Each day refreshes the shore like coconut water to sandy lips,
Like the mighty afro pick massaging the beach leaving it combed,
A shiny carpet of pearls line this world I gaze upon,
Allowing one to see the purpose in pictures painted and sunsets captured in thoughts forever,
I thank the Most High for this piece of paradise the Universe has placed in my mind.

"I was inspired by MARS Brooklyn" update

Still working on this one...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

LUSSW Japan June/July Issue - (I did this shoot last month) Styled by Leo L.V., Kwasi & Nakim GFCnewyork, and Dee & Ricky w/ Mr.Mickey

I'm really happy with how this turned out, tryin' to step my "Cold Steal" look up in 09'. Shouts' to Mr. Mickey the homie' I see the come-up and it's inspiring, and Dee & Ricky good looks for the Lego Cig', those cats' are a bug'out and we had fun that day no doubt. Also I hope I get a chance to work w/ LV and his peeps again, crazy sick with the fashion styles. Special thanks to Uko & MJ Brooklyn for always looking out on the links' and can't forget Ibrahim for the modelling 1's & 2's. Photographer:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Libations Party - YOU NEED TO COME THURSDAY! (art & dance lifestyle)

special thanks to the shooter: Sherry Vigdor

The Startup - Spike Lee Tribute Piece - Here's my submit unfinished...

Here is what my mind said to do.

Western ButtonDown - Paint Project

I was playing around with the paint hooking up a denim jacket for my home'gurl and decided to rock something for' me self. I got into it a bit and this is how it turned out. I guess now i'm painting everything in sight,...Y'not?

A message and Painting from my boi' - Ibrahim Yaqut

At the early age of twelve, my nephew Chelal was called in last week by the Higher Power by a lightning strike on the field where he played lead batter and second-baseman on his little league team, the Yankees. Known for being the cool, calm and talented handsome kid with the sharp-tongue (boy was a smart-ass) that didn't like to smile in his pictures. He was my little G. I painted him the day of his funeral for his mother, my sister Sakinah. Just would like to send out a reminder that life is unpredictable, so cherish these moments you have with those you love in this life.

Peace & Blessings,

Ibrahim Yaqut

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tpain - i have nothing to say to you bra'

via: rapradar


A concrete slab holding down the notion of light,
Wading through waters of uncertainty and struggle,
The ocean continues to circulate while its presence never leaves us,
The sun returns day by day to remind the soul of life and constant fire,
Inside my soul you can find the Shepard who's left his sheep to find his buried treasure,
The art is nocturnal,
The business is conducted on the polar opposite pendulum of the moon,
My weakness speaks to my strength in a whisper tone,
I wonder what my potnas in the hood are up to,
Sitting on the cutless supreme with a miller highlife and simple aspirations made difficult by uncontrollable circumstances,
I look up at the ceiling and find my prayers hitting a glass roof,
Release your troubles unto me and they will be hurdled as if the gold metal depended on each and every step taken,
I disappear so when you see me you may recognize something you once seen and never forgotten,
My words give light to dark, color to paint, and voice to the journey taken,
So let's see what tomorrow may bring,
These are the lyrics to my past, to my present, to my future.

Checkout SIegeInk - designer, illustrator

The big homie' Siege in South Florida posted this over at Siegeinknews be sure to checkout his work and fashions, very cool stuff. I dig this illu' man "The Puppet Master"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Artist - Ibrahim Yaqut - Str8 out the sketchbook

I've known this ninja for years and his hand skills never cease to amaze me. The dude is a fulltime model, fighter, activist, and a bunch of other sht. I recently spied on the bra' and caught a few pages out his most recent' is "alright", sike nah, sun's pen game is dope' and his paintings are mos def inspiring. See more of Ibrahim Yaqut.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Painting - Live "Odessa's Spirit"

So I just got a few more flics of this the other day and had to repost. I love this piece for so many reasons, it shows me a new direction in the work and sold very fast. Let's see if the "Most High" continues to put ideas like this one inside this head. 88' Olympic Addidas jumpy from San Fran and the LadyBugs'.

Conor Harrington


Jeff Soto's "The Inland Empire" in London

This cat' Jeff Soto says' his work is about the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer, it's pretty intence.

Via: juxtapoz

Ron English - U already kno....Crack'

Via: juxtapoz

Who Cares? - Playstation PSP-GO


Lee Jaffe - Photos of Jean Michel Basquiat


Mos - Aight Thanks, i needed this. Spittin' in Osaka

Via: Current

Live Painting - "Libations" party @ Sullivan Room NYC DJ Ian Friday w/ guest Osunlade Hosted by ManchildBlack & Afro Mosiac Soul - Amanda Diva

Amanda Diva came thru to start a full weekend of painting off, over by Sully'room. I can't tell you enough, if you are in the city, appreciate dance and music, love to be overstimulated...this is your party. The music was crazo' the dancers was crazo' the art was crazo' so you should overstand how i'm linking you right now. To everyone who came thru big' thanks and the piece I did that evening is up for sale, it's called "She Moves" - inspired by the sounds of Mr. Ian Friday (great job this weekend spinning them thangs').

Live Painting - 05/30/09 w/Amanda Diva @ Water Taxi Beach "Libations" party DJ Ian Friday & Host ManchildBlack along w/AfroMosaicSoul

Painting in a tent with sand all around and a Diva can really do something to ya'lemme tell ya'. This came out real "official" and was a 1st time collabo between myself and the multi talented AmandaDiva ,who's rich lines and vibrant colors brought a "dope" connect to an image inspired from this stain glass I recently saw. My potna' Khahim named this one "I did'nt do it"...smh