Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"The Prince of Soho" A2+B2=C2 artshowing-Concep 11/18/10

The paintings will hang over at the "The Prince of Soho" located @ 4 Prince street
near Bowery until Dec. 17th.  If you are in the Soho area please checkout the store and artwork for some really official vintage fashions, Polo, salvage, Pony, Kswiss, bags etc.  The artwork marks a beginning of sorts for me.  Taking some time to paint some of the things that I feel are direct links to my upbringing.  Images and people I feel should be  represented in the medium of paint.  Ideas and concepts from a  perspective in limbo between a Southern upbringing and my current roots in Brooklyn New York.  Content with social ideal that i've worked with for the past few years as I develop my personal language within my art.  Shouts' to DJ Asahi, Yaz, and Yuki of Old-soulz.comhttp://www.old-soulz.blogspot.com/ please checkout the site for upcoming events.

The fashions "The Prince of Soho" offer along with a consumer energy that brings together an eclectic group of artist, thinkers, and fashionistas etc. created the perfect environment to debut a few new things I have been working on w/ the arts.  Old-Soulz pulled together a perfect atmosphere and set the tone for a nice evening of art meets fashion.

Shout to Qadriyyah Griffin and Earry Hall (photos) over @ Prince of Soho.  Thank You

Understand: momentum in life comes from increased fluidity, a willingness to try more, to move in a less constricted fashion. - the 50th

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greenpoint+Homework, some things in the makiing...

 I'll be posting some new things this week, I've just been showing some friends the new ideas and new direction with the work.  It's funny how most people seem to appreciate things being the same.  As much as we strive for the next best thing to purchase, to drive, to wear, to see and experience...most people just want the safety of knowing what to expect.  This has pushed me to create in different directions, experiment more and leave all fears of individuality and freedom+ Regardless of whats to happen in life my art is a piece of my freedom, Ask yourself what makes you feel free and don't hold back in that area of you're life...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kim Joon+Fragile Oct.14th-Nov.13th Sundaram Tagore Gallery

 I was walking by and saw this show up,... my first impression was that it was actual porcelain sculptures just shot very close-up.  Then I realized these are what can be considered to be Digital Paintings.  Kim Joon's focus is said to be described as desire, fragility, and human imperfection... I guess he mixes his themes with Hi-end expensive looking stuff which in-term forms a very interesting contrast of thoughts and ideas.  I left a near by show to explore his work and on a quest to develop my own direction and concrete content, I must say this really helped.  The body is always a thing of beauty, but Joon has found a way to Juxtapose two exciting things, living and lively... More Info : Here

A few flics from the Halloween + Freedom Party "LePoissonRouge" Oct29th

GregNice+ Emceed, Pesu and myself the "dog and bones" did some artwork while the party raged.

The costume contest was crazo...A lot of people came out and represented, even two Era Michael Jackson's (They had a dance off)

We actually managed to pull off some work in all of the madness and will touch it up and use it in an upcoming group show later this month.  The purpose of collaborative works have been to exchange and have fun,  free form artwork.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photos i took at the "El MAc" show+ He's a master of Spraypaint · Photorealism · Brushwork · Pencil

It was a great inspiration and privelidge to see this guys work up close. His detail and stunning ability to capture character and photoreal images with fatcaps is beyond me... This show - “The Humble and Sublime” Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY - was my first time seeing El Mac's work in person and here are siome flics I snapped+ enjoy


My favorite Screen Shots + Kanye West "Runaway" Short film