Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pesu's Birthday Party+Old Soulz+HighRollers web launch+++The Photos say it all...Shout to Rizz22, Yaz, and Citizen Chris+Good Time!!

Jr.Dog+ a painting for my potna Ryan "Turkwurk" Williams 4 the holiday...Chevy's & Pits

someting for the ears+

Indian Cove Lodge Collection by Savedbytherhythm

F*ck up sometimes+ but still be great...

SC visit+2010

Spent some time with my cousin Chel's  out in the SC for the holidays.  He continues to work and push towards the launch of his clothing Kenneth Beatrice...The line is inspired by our lives in the Low Country and the name comes from Uncle Kenneth who's unfortunate passing has sparked a movement orchestrated by Chel' s love for fashion and the changing of peasants to Kings.  I learn from my cousin everyday that no matter where we are it is our duty to be unique, be Kings in our own vision and continue to create things that separate us from the masses that give in to the media, ordinary redundant life, a search for survival by using the keys and gifts the Most High has blessed us with...We did a KB photoshoot while I was down and I will Mos Def post the flics when I get them+++


What's up + I just wanted to shout anyone out following the bloggy. I've been in the process of a huge move, time to journey in efforts to create bigger, better energy.  This just means I have been putting up limited posts and am working on launching a new sight to match the progress made towards the end of the year entering the new.   I look forward to showing anyone out there with the notion to take a look, new thoughts, ideas, info, and art at the immediate start of the New Year JAN+++. Please stay tuned for the updated site as I will revamp my blogger and continue to post on this webpage w/ some new additions and site page+ Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday's and Happy New Year!!! Bong!

This is pretty Crazy+ So I did a Demo painting for Japan TV + shout 2 Old-Soulz