Friday, February 27, 2009

NEW PAINTING (wow) - Libations 02| 27| 09

I can't even describe how i'm feeling about this new painting. Somehow this is still working and I continue to be surprised. Lastnights piece took about 2hrs, the colors all live well together while creating a heavenly feel...kinda like clouds. The image is a little creation called "The Audio Tree". Thanks goes out to 'G Studios' for snatching this one up Early!

This years goal is to attempt to give the acrylic colors the feel of oil based media. Using brushstrokes and pushing paint around to duplicate the soft feel of workable media makes it come to life. I realize the mixes have to be fast and i'm using white as a blender.

These are some photos I snapped with my cam' but I will be getting some tighter shots' and will post L8tr.

Thursday, February 26, 2009



Timeless - For Those Searching For Something.

Timeless, the endless days we headphone bop through the ultraviolet of spirit,
The candy that lasts an entire train ride traveling past lavender flamingos,...
I guess looking up and remembering the sky,... comes far and few in-between,
I woke up to 48 lines of light bleeding threw my blinds,
Took a deep breathe and new the Universe was looking at me,
We do our fly'est moonwalk through the streets and congregate with kings and Queens,
The blessing is inside the mind next to that favorite mixtape,
Beneith the heaviest blanket, Untop the shiniest Elephant,
Thankful should be the first word,...often the last,
But in such a timeless world we have the ability to play, laugh, dance, think,
I cry for all of these, while living them out,
While challenging time...I find my thoughts to be kinda...Timeless

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 Grand Pikaso - Playin with photoshop pt.2

New art inspired by Brooklyn artist 20 Grand Pikaso, shout to Dedan over at Still getting my practice in on some new creative direction. Be sure to checkout his music...Look out for new artwork connected to 20 Grand Pikaso in the near future.

Burton 2009 Spring/Summer Luggage Collection

Source: Hypebeast

1000 Giraffes - A Train

Sometimes write when you need to, until the painting tells you what it looks like....this girl said to me "you portray yourself to be this deep artist type of guy"... I was like..."I do?"

1000 giraffes - A train 9:03am

See the future like a thousand giraffes,
Almost like the first magic spell,
The wind will move past us blessing our spirits w old souls,
Souls that teach lessons of this world and spare us from lonesome nights,
The ocean spins 360 as time bounces back and forth,
The wallls in the hood appear to get higher,
50cent loosies and autotune animated ballets cascade smoke and stereo down the longest blocks of brooklyn,
Words are given magic,
Voices become louder and harder to understand,
Sometimes moving at lightspeed can seem like the pace of a marching band carrying submarines,
In search of the finest painting,
In reach of the most distant lighttower,
Suddenly we find land,
The thirst of cognac while rested on Cadillac logos soothes the super heroes clutching woodgrain drowning in sounds from outerspace,
The gypsy next to me takes up 2 seats instead of one this morning,
The world remains a playground yet another day,
See the future like a thousand giraffes.


IF THERE EVER IS A DAY I WISH I WAS HOME, it's most def' today. Happy Birthday Ainty' June!! Happy (Madi-Gra') like we say. Everyday we celebrate, some days the Mos High celebrates with us... Here are a few picks of my favorite, the Mardi Gras Indians. The indians are a tradition in New Orleans and party alongside the Zulus. The Zulu parade is celebrating it's 100th year and is the tradition of the black folks in NO(our lil parade), some of the costumes take the full year to create and there's nothing like seeing a beuatiful indian dancing down the street.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A MESSAGE 2 U - C train' to Manhattan Thoughts.

I woke up this morning and like usual I touched my rosary beads and gave thanks for a new beginning. I guess chasing your dreams can be exhausting... In a world that might not understand you, the one thing you can truly hold onto is the fact that the Universe has been with u since day one. If my family, friends, co-workers, or even the "cool" kids don't seem to get it,... The one thing I can b assured of is the fact that someone or something has been riding this thing out w me since creation. I don't know exactly what it feels like, sounds like, smells like, or even really looks like but I can damn sure feel it. My prayers don't go unanswered, my stomach always gets full, the paint continues to spread in my mind and I continue to wake an open my eyes to my world. I have embrased my calling in art an creation and excepted the task of being what Jean Michel called out to be a "Famous Negro Artist" a child of the highest. I guess I'm expressing this because I just want anyone out there who may read this to know.... No matter what, don't give in to the insecurities of others, don't be judged, don't alter who you are because you see someone else getting there's before you. The thing that we have is 'ourselves' and the knowledge that the Universe is working sincerely for us specifically. This has been one of the hardest year starts I've had to endure but deep down in my heart I know "The harder the struggle, the closer we get to the realization of our hopes and dreams". Have a "dope" week 'partypeople' out there, be yourself more than ever this week an see how it feels. Listen to your favorite songs, listen to your heart give you the correct answers, and don't worry about nothin'! This is me giving you a Grammy, an Oscar, an Academy award cuz on the real... Everyday we should feel the gratitude of knowing we are truly doin the best we can, for ourselves and for others ya'dig- Ccep (C train) 8:44am -
headphones "fireworks"-Amanda Project

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing around in Photoshop - Eric Roberson (he's the homie' and kinda a big deal!)

Sooo, i been trying to get the ol' photosheezly skills back up and at the same time spread the art. The good homie Erro has been steady showing luv so I had to return some...Look out for some really dope art connected to his new upcoming jumpoff, "Music Fan First". Ooh, and once again this is just a sketch lol.

Patagonia - Wine & Spirits opening/ live paint set BX

Shout to the homie Sky and his girl Nat' for having me paint their family business (Patagonia) liquor store opening. The family's roots are dipped in the fluid culture of South America so I wanted to paint something flowing, vibrant and reminiscent of the contours the land offers. I was happy with this hr or so painting and made some new friends as well.

My two new little homies, where feeling the painting so hard they went and drew me some pictures. The first one looks kinda like a ? Hmmmmm, I have to take this one to my anylist but it reads "for you" Dope! The second one by the princess was actually a nice lil' fast sketch of like this flower looking thing/car idonno? But I respect the gangsta of it lol. Gotta luv the "Hey young world, The world is yours" Status... Ching!

What i been doin' @ work

Nothing super amazing yet, but i've been developing a ton of new text elements for our Holiday delivery. Here are just a few I was diggin'...Clean, simple, legible.

Dope Sunset - across the St. from my job

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shepard Fairey - J dilla Print

Man, just hit up Hypebeast and was blown away by this... J Dilla being one of my all time favorite people in the world with such a talented mind and soul along with Shepard Fairey, the Captain of the print Battleship these days together make Truth. I need this print and I hope to see it on some random wall in some random city some time soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sketches - Fernando Mora

So I just introduced the big homie Fernando M. a few post ago in my blog. As said earlier, Mora is new to the big city imported from PR and we have really been grinding it out coming up with new ideas and concepts to tackle the art scene from another angle. I asked if he'd help me out with a work assignment and he banged out some really dope sketches at the Doe-Joe. Here are the starts, i'll mos def repost something new once a splash of photoshop hits them. Also in the works, some paintings but I have to say,...trying to organize a few other areas of my life right now has me all over the place. I walked into the studio today and felt a good vibe, a new vibe so let's see how this turns out. Checkout more of Fernando Mora by clicking seven words behind this one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World Press Photo Winners

This one didn't win the whole thing, but I thought it was the coolest, strangest,...the one that spoke the loudess.
Source:World Press

San - New Website allah' Juxtapoz

This cat' (San) Above: is very fresh, I dig' the use of lines and contour, this type of style is very intricate and unique. It's almost scientific how an artist can dissect an object, landscape, atmosphere and play the roll of an organic engineer... Checkout- San