Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Artist Homboi - Fernando Mora/ http://www.artofmora.com/

So my homie Fernando Mora just got to the BK area a few weeks ago and is officially setting up shop. He will be doing artwork for the upcoming "Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival" (more to info to come) and the 26th of Febuary he will be showcasing work in a collective show @ the "Yume" Gallery. So already in a short few weeks he's really putting his stamp down, and hungry to introduce his artwork and ideas to the world. Originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico I met this talented cat' my first year attending Ringling Art institute in Sarasota, Florida... Needless to say we are going to work together on some great projects. The paintings below tell a story of his PR roots and where he has been along with the art direction he's headed. For more info on the artist checkout ( http://www.artofmora.com/) or (Fernanmora787@gmail.com) BTW- I love to see when a artist can really capture the beauty of a woman, this is not easy party people! Trust.

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