"Same damn Lo sweater"-thrift diggin for "Lo" (Polo Ralph Lauren)

My brother Rams and I are what some might describe as Lo heads'Polo Ralph Lauren admirers and collectors. Started my trip headed to Jers leaving the city with my potnas'

The iphone got me on my photo journal shots, I like this pick...traveling with the new president. Still a lot to digest in a very positive way.

The sun was illy' that morning raining rays and beams of light while worming through leaves and vines. Love a beautiful day and always try to take time to give thanks, photos always remind me.

Parachute pant By: Ralph Lauren

Don't get your car towed ever in New York, it takes forty seven giraffe years to get this stuff off your window.

Find these and chances are you may find Lo' gear.

Rams & I waiting for the Jersey path, he's rocking' Blue Hitech jacket w/ Polo USA fitted. Both pieces are classics.

Shout to Bdiddy for this one TX.

Lo bag, Polo Sport Wallet, 2-polo sport windbreaker jackets, 3-polos, polo sport fleece half-zip. All in a days work. More official Lo'status coming very soon. (http://www.ralphlauren.com)


L said…
lmao@ "47 giraffe years" (>_<) who'da'hell says that?! LOL

those are mos def classic finds of tha'LO. they have places like that a lot here, lots of recyclin' of bags (LV, Gucci, Chanel...) and the store I went to last week had lots of 90's clothin.

hope ur weekend was SWELL.
"L" no need to say this but I'll say it anyway...Anyy lo you find...aaaarrrrrgh COP IT ! I got you lol. Oh, and feel free to run with "47 giraffe years" - have a good week as well! (SWELL) (scratches his head)
L said…
fo'someone who puts definitions on tha chalk'board... you'd figure you know? (>_<) Puahaha... well since you DONT. lemme do it like you would do:


–adjective Informal.
1. (of things) stylish; elegant: a swell hotel.
2. (of persons) fashionably dressed or socially prominent.
3. first-rate; fine: a swell party.

so put it on tha wall mistah! *snaps and points to ur chalk wall*

now u gun have me really lookin' for tha'LO... even tho i think u will find ya way ova here to buy it ALL up. HA!

ps. u owe me a painting...
Obama said…
Name your price for the red and blue polo sport windbreaker with the white sleeves if it's XXL or XL....
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mad nice jackets you got!
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