Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kehinde Wiley - Painter

One of my favorites doing it with the culture in mind. I don't agree with his subject take completely, but his work speaks for itself. He mos def comes off as a Yale "Master of Arts" and his frame game is crazo! Holla @ me Wiley! haha

Kehinde Wiley


L said...

Yo, did we see this artist at tha museum?? *thinkin....*

eriklyn said...

heyy he is one of my favorite artists! did u go to his exhibition last time? I was not in NY at that time...aghh

CONCEP famous negro artist said...

Yea I've seen kehinde's work a few times. His last show the dude had pieces that where like 25ft long..Hey paints fast and really good. Very detailed selling them 250k jawns.