Thursday, March 19, 2009

Painting - "The Alchemist" - Written - 'The closest thing to love I know'

The closest thing to love I know,
Coltrane and his horn,
The farthest place that I done been,
Thru dance inside my mind, another planet,
The easiest thing for me to say,
I have never whispered because I cannot walk off the court,
The most beautiful story ever told,
Won't be heard until I go home,
The only thing that troubles my heart,
Is a conclusion ending with the past,
The people I call my friends,
Distant, spoken through time and space,
The woman who doesn't stay,
A muse the dynasty of my paintbrush.
The first stroke of a painting,
Is the second, fifth, or last one,
The reason why I can't fly,
A reason if described may make no sense.
The A Train to the streets,
I travel invisible in ultraviolet colors.


SHIVA's DIVA said...

This writing is my personal fav...there's a loneliness in it I relate to. Why doesn't the woman/man stay? Such is life...Bless x

CONCEP famous negro artist said...

@ ShivasDiva maaaad thanks for checking out my lil words' I think you cued in on a key line as it relates to many of us.

Author Miss JaJa said...

very hot just like your painting, its so hot to see you wording be painted on the page like your art keep it up

Ms.SunnyLee said...

This one really caught can feel the loneliness and longing but I also feel a sense of hope...the words along with the painting...solid...and the key line...i always feel that those who were meant to stay, will and those who destiny allows to fade away have run their course and were meant to leave...forces always work in your favor no matter how hard things may seem...Keep writing...

CONCEP famous negro artist said...

Thanks for reading and leaving me the encouragement...This is a new dimension to tackle.