Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still trying to figure out how to be a spaceship?

The farthest place in the universe may be right next to the closest
A minute in the mind can be an hour in our preservation
Almost like opening candy wrappers In class so no one hears
The seventh one to get picked out of ten in kick ball
The standard pro quo for space travel
A thread in the queens silk scarf
The gold frame on a galactic tidel wave
I'm just trying to figure out how to be a spaceship?


mandimory said...

I am the spaceship in the universe of all my thoughts, exploring every new question im asking to myself like a mysterious planet that anybody has discovered before,taking unknown ways that leave me lost between the shining stars of my hope and the dark moon of my pains...that spaceship is just me exploring my own mind........ how deep can I go before being lost...?

CONCEP famous negro artist said...

@ mandimory your words become attached to mine which means we travel with similar thoughts. I truly appreciate you sharing and I will continue to travel amongst these thoughts and ideas while putting them out to the universe, that's the most important thing...communicating our internal thoughts.

mandimory said...

really true.
just the desire to share something meant that we could enter the world of
language without words. Thats the most spiritual essence of art to allow us
to communicate our internal thoughts to the planet. Allowing us to express
ourselves by this movement from the inside out. Some people do it by
painting and writing. I do it by dancing. Thats again another way to
travel. thats a spaceship which brings me to another time and space...
where music is my compass

btw - ur blog is inspirational. I dont usually leave comments so Im
thankful for inspiring me this one...