Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just For Kicks Show - My sneaker submission.

I know it's been a minute party people out there since I rocked these posts, but who new it would be this hard to get folks to look at some art ya'dig....with that said. I rocked some kicks last week as part of my submission for the Just For Kicks show presented by Old-Soulz (Shout to Yaz). I used my most recent painting "Inside" as inspiration for the design and here you go. The kicks, "the official Fanny Pack dance team shoes" took me back at first but I dig the way they turned out. The show also features works from artists Pesu, Amada Diva, Rizz22, Jason Atienza, and Iz. The private opening was the 21st and the public opening is on the 11th of June. If you wanna peep for yourself, and just can't wait, stroll down to SoulFood NYC 38 lispenard St. NY, btn Broadway & Church and holla at the big'homie Mike. There's also 9 of my paintings featured and up for sale so (GO COP), "Marvin Flying High" one of my favorite works as seen on the flyer below is also hanging tuff so linkit'up if you in the hood.

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