Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shinichi Watanabe & Rai Present NY Sharing Apartment - Featuring My Old Space

So last year about this time I had my apartment shot by some good folks from Japan promising I'd be featured in their book etc. (Thanks 2 Shiba Kayo for hooking it up!) At the time I was living with my good "potna" Edubs A.K.A Ian, he and I have shared spaces since college and this one was a dope little spot. Tucked away in Windsor Terrace, our two bedroom abode made the cut and you can see my tupper'ware container I used to paint on w/ the first easel. The funny thing about this is the book made our crib look extra "lavy" and I told my bro' today "sometimes you don't realize how good you got it until it's gone...I felt cramped and the paintings began taking over the space, but in retrospect it was perfect and 'most def' a building block space to the studio i'm in now." PS. I had just finished the Obama painting when they came thru, it was around the time of the primary...peep'


Anonymous said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Bedding Sets from spacify.com

eriklyn said...

wow...whats the name of the mag??

L said...

*reaching out w/ my lil grubby hands* where to get a copy?