Michael Jackson - Inspiration

His music has been with me since birth, he gave my parents an entirely different soundtrack to their lives...So we will celebrate ya'dig.
Painted 06/25/09 Libations 137 Ludlow Thanks' Yaz(old-soulz)

In the above painting - Colors and emotion I tried to bring out, in a short period of time this was created. It was very hard to concentrate I just wanted the piece to have dignity/ stregnth.

The second piece I feel is still a work in progress but it came out in the perfect atmosphere - Sullivan Room NYC "Libations" party hosted by ManchildBlack/AroMosaic Soul w/ DJ Ian Friday. Again not perfect but it was great to paint and hear the music as related to the brush strokes. Ian Friday really gave everyone at the party the fix that was needed for such a day. I will continue to paint MJ's image and i'm sure there will be a lot of artistic expressions created in light of his passing.


L said…
they are both tha'business tony, i can't even imagine the energy and vibes that went thru you that night while paintin' these two.

rip mj.

i look forward to seein' future MJ images from you.

and how cute are you, dancin' til you got $ thrown atchu. i think you should do a dancin' video too... that would be dope to see. ♥
Anonymous said…
one artist unselfishly
paying homage to another
is great to see

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