Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Paradise" - Back on the F to the A Train

This life my paradise,
Broken waves bring n new tides,
Gliding ideas as surfing days change,
The past running down the sand to be
Taken away by the great sea of knowledge,
Remembering the hard wood of pews,
The sweat taste given from the icee cup lady,
That $1 that could buy four good things,
Swept away into a newness of opportunities, fortune, and guidance,
At night the moon shines upon my paradise hugging its volume w/ dreams, poetic voices, signatures carved by lightening, hand claps snapping like thunder,
When the sun rises in my paradise,
Each day refreshes the shore like coconut water to sandy lips,
Like the mighty afro pick massaging the beach leaving it combed,
A shiny carpet of pearls line this world I gaze upon,
Allowing one to see the purpose in pictures painted and sunsets captured in thoughts forever,
I thank the Most High for this piece of paradise the Universe has placed in my mind.


L said...

love the writing, i wonder what ur sketch book looks like these days?

CONCEP - Art is my business. said...

Have to take some time to sit down and sketch...barely remember to breathe. Maybe they'll make a drawing app for my blackberry?smh?

Rolfe Bautista said...

Awesome work as always :D