Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As soon as the stars talk,
I listen,
When the moon cries for attention,
I watch,
When the water runs through the rocks and crashes beneath the glow above,
I am amazed,
As the Earth around me breathes,
One realizes,
We share this land,
In it burried deep we find our souls, Dreams, Fears, Happiness, Hope, Love, Creativity, Struggle, Life, Death, Laughter,
One truly realizes ones habitat stretches larger than any mansion,
So when the sun rises,
I wake,
And when I wake,
I am thankful.

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L said...

No wonder you been MIA... well, not really "missing" just supa'fast'flowin'in'tha ACTION.

*high five* to that.

always happy to see the poetics. :)

CONCEP - Art is my business. said...

thnks L'

Nakeya B. Photography said...

intriguing poem & love love your art


Anonymous said...

this is a great poem
i love your appreciation
of the universe and
everything it has to

beautiful poem

ravenzfaerie said...

Great poem. I love the wall piece you're working on in the pic.

littlebird said...