Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Denver Black Arts Festival - COLORADO + Fly Magazine article by: EuDaImoNia GrEeN

FLY magazine Article by: EuDaImoNia GrEeN


A2+B2=C2. Anyone who has taken a geometry class will recognize this formula as the Pythagorean theorem which describes the characteristics of a triangle, but for Anthony (a2) Brown (b2), more commonly known as Concep (c2), it describes much more. It describes the past, present, and future of an artist who is sure to be remembered as one of the great artists of all time. Born in New Orleans, Concep started his painting career as a graffiti artist while in high school in Charleston, SC. After graduating from high school Cep went to college in Florida but found little inspiration there so he moved to Brooklyn where he has made quite the name for himself as a live painting artist and taken several steps on his path to moving from the local fame game of graffiti art to becoming an artist known around the globe. He graduated from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute in 2003, won MTVs “Art Battles” in 2007, designed the cover art for Eric Roberson’s new CD, and designed clothing for several popular labels including France’s Marithé Francois Girbaud.
If I were asked to describe Concep’s painting I would describe it as the work of Salvador Dali reincarnated as a conscious black man with a love of music, life, self-discovery, and of course, love. At only 28 years old Cep has painted hundreds of pieces and as I flip through a book of his art I am struck by his ability to give life to what I would call urban spiritual ideology. When asked about his inspiration, Cep cited life among other things and stated that “We gotta do the things we’re afraid to do.” He feels that as an artist he has a responsibility to his audience to be completely uninhibited in his work; 110% real. He is sometimes tempted to paint what will sell as opposed to what is truly in his heart and mind, but he refuses to “sell out”. Cep knows that his art is a gift from The Creator and even when it’s scary to share that gift with no holds barred he finds the strength to do it. I, for one, am glad.
If you’re interested in experiencing Cep’s art firsthand, you can check him out at Denver’s 23rd Annual Black Art’s Fest in City Park July 10th, 11th, and 12th. His art can also be found online at HYPERLINK "http://www.ConcepMakeLove.com" www.ConcepMakeLove.com and www.ConcepMakeLove.BlogSpot.com.

Man, so cats' have been like "what's up with you bro? where you be? whats really good?" and basically it's been a lot of running around. A ton of scrabbling, and an overall grind to keep Tings' moving. I recently took a trip out to Denver to show some work in the Black Arts Festival that is held every year and it was a great experience. Big special thanks goes out to Monica Ortega & Kolby(my bodyguard and money counter) for all of their efforts getting the young'boi out that way to expose some folks to the work! While I was there I was fortunate enough to do the local channel 9 news and paint, also featured in two publications Fly magazine (shout to Brandon and Yosef for showing me mad love over at Club Theorie w/ Ashy larry LOL)...and the people over at "The Urban Spectrum" for including me on their cover! LaLing'

While I was away got on my cans again and pieced a bit' just messing around...I mos def need to get back on some walls. The good folks at Masters international art supply co. really held me down on the supplies and vandal materials. Sold MJ2, a tribute piece to Mike but unfortunately i don't have any quality flics. I am really planning on doing a concentrated series of MJ's for the collection, I have yet to nail his energy to a canvas...but the ideas I got are bananas! I'll be showing you something in the next few days.

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