Tuesday, July 21, 2009

G Studios Launch Party Sullivan Room NYC - Angie Ski Photos

So the homie G' (G Studios NYC) is a dope photographer and friend of mind. He asked me to do something different for his event so we decided to go big'...The canvas I painted at this party was approx 10x12ft so it was a challenge and I believe it turned out dope. It was a lot of fun to stretch out and have no boundaries while doing this large format piece, the goal of the work is to take the drop back to the studio and use it as a photo backdrop. It's very important for me to continue to challange myself by doing more concentrated work, larger work, and building better communication between my thoughts and a visual aesthetic. Nef Nunez and Duce Martinez are two of the DJ homies that ripped it down through the coarse of the evening. Checkout these flics Angie Ski took, very tight wrap-up of the evening!!!

I have to send a special shout'out to my "potna" Lamar, you already kno my G!

Thanks G' for putting on like this the event was offish!

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