Monday, July 20, 2009

The Many Things

The easiest 3 pointer from half court Jordan could hit on a Wednesday morning,
The smallest leaf in the largest jungle,
The way the wind feels hitting you after it has traveled over a thousand miles,
The same way the baby on the train is reading your mind then smiles at you to make a connection,
The last slice of pizza that sits until the very end only to finally be consumed by the greedy,
The girl who knows more about you than any girl in the world,
The loudest voice in a concert of 10,000,
The way the morning felt the day after you had such a good night,
The rain outside the window when you notice it and no one else is around.
The dance you made up, that only you really know how to do,
The giraffes eating at dinner time not even noticing the sun as it sets,
The first thing in a line of many things,
The Gold Gucci Link chain that got set next to the brush, that was placed next to the beeper, that rested right above the sneakers which sat on top the speakers.

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