Friday, August 28, 2009

16days-n-Jamaica - Pt.2 The Blue Mountains Middleton Settlement

Upon arriving in the Blue Mountains of JA I had never been to the Caribbean or experienced life in the (mountains sun!), so needless to say I had to sit in reflect on the many things this world has to offer. Some of these things we take for granted or just don't realize maybe...but being closer to the trees, intrigued by the atmosphere and illuminated by the moon is not an every night/day thing for me in BK.

In the tree-house you can see the scope of the mountains standing on a branch like 50ft in the air. At night you look at lights in the mountains and hear speakers beating from multiple directions like it's a sound clash.

We spent the first day signing up kids for the Lil Raggamuffin' summer camp going door to door, road to road finding kids. Soon they where following us and getting excited because they remember the camp from the previous summer. The colors are filled with energy and a certain freshness like produce.

I took a sec. to snap some shots of the kids in their play-clothes, they all gave so much to the camera. Hiking everywhere we went was real, these kids jump out the trees, run barefooted through the woods and I am too lazy sometimes to walk to the A train?

I took a ton of photo reference of the sky, I think the clouds would touch the tops of the mountains and the sun would just rip through shreds of pinks, blues, whites, greys. My boy Biggs' from the settlement helped me discover the view after a stop to the chicken coop.

I realized we share the same time with so many different people in so many different places. Everybody time is equally important, we spend it on two opposite sides of the spectrum.

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