Thursday, August 27, 2009

Congrats Eric! Music Fan First album in stores!!!!

I haven't even seen the cover in my own hands yet but i'm super siked to get my hard copy of Music Fan First by : Eric Roberson. This was my first major album art project and something I've wanted to do since a kid, so to finally be able to walk in a store and see my artwork on a album cover is major. Can't wait to scoop the vinyl for the collection. Congrats man, I know this album will be a great success for you. Checkout Erro and get his new album Music Fan First Here: Erro and check the homeys blog while you at it here: Eric Roberson


Anonymous said...

Congrats for both of you!
So great to see my fav artists collaborating together!

L said...

Keep makin' that mark Con! Congratulations to you and Eric! *does a celebratory dance and chant*


CONCEP - Art is my business. said...

thank you both!