Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why a2+b2=c2 my signature.

A2+b2=c2 (the pythagoras theorem) started w/ me in highschool, its my initials ACB so i've always been into the equation. I began using it in representation of the past, present, & future...without one there is no complete life. I began to see it like, we cannot forget our past(a2) or look to far into our future(c2) because one looses himself in his/her ambitions or past memories. As esy as it is for us to look back and remember what we enjoy, dislike, or accomplished, it's just as easy for us to see our future, envision ourselves with what we want, need, and strive towards. The present is what we have (b2) it is the most exciting time of our lives to date. I use the equation as a signiture now in my favorite works as it defines a process like beginning, middle, and end.

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