Friday, September 25, 2009

"FUTURE.MYSTER.HISTORY" Painting done Live @ SullivanRoom NYC w/ Dj Ian Friday Guest DJ Rich Medina"

I was watching the Tyson documentary recently and was very intrigued and inspired by the man's story. The film really made me think about my passions, as it was a narrated biography of Tyson's life. We may face hardship and have to overcome great adversities,...most of us. So I guess in life one must chase a love, a purpose driven by dedication and practice. Tyson trained and worked harder, longer, and far more affectively than many of his oponents until he lost the love for the sport. ie. art/boxing ya'dig. The Zebra is by far one of my favorite wild animals, this is a representation of the God. Tyson said at the end of the interview "My past is history and my future is a mystery". ie. my title "FUTURE.MYSTERY.HISTORY"

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Anonymous said...

wow your painting is beautiful.
congrats on having such a wonderful talent.
i like giraffes, but zebras are pretty cool =]

you're very handsome,
love your dreads