Kenneth Beatrice Clothing - Chelsie Ravenell

Werd! So my cousin Chelsie has been working overtime creating and heading up the Kenneth Beatrice Clothing Company. Just recently he did a fashion show in Charleston, SC in launch of his newest seasonal developments and to showcase the product he has already created for the world. I got a few shots so check it out and lemme know, us know, what you think. Below you can catch my lil'man (Chel's son the prince)"London" rocking his KB along with my cuzzo' Kolby (who might have more tattoos than me know, damn!!smh) rockin' some new KB product as well. I'm excited to see the growth of this dream come to life and expect all kinds of noise from Kenneth Beatrice for the 09' ender into the spring/summer season of 2-10'. The line focuses on a more sophisticated trend oriented appearance, with camo lined vests, bow ties, soft tees, and custom blazers.



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