Monday, October 26, 2009

A portrait for the homey Khahim's Bday - "100%"

Yesterday my bra' Rams came in from Boston and we kicked it in the studio, looking at Lo' shootin' the 1-2...and I painted this portrait 4 the big homey Khahim. this dude has mad love for his son Kia and I had to do something to capture the link. I (think)lol it came out pretty'good.


JUNE22 said...

freshness as usually expected from you my man. Bless Up.

Earth Fairy said...

no, im not jealous

Ritsuko said...

Hello Great Artist!!
I like this one, Khahim-sun and son.

wanted to say @Libation.. so before new year
shout "Happy Birthday to you"

Tanoshinde hour of 2009
Tanoshinde New Year 2010
Tanoshinde MakeLove!!