Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alyssa Milano's interesting take on "Jersey Shore"- not sure if i dig' or don't?

Should'nt we all have the right to be what we wanna be even if it offends others? Guido's/Niggas/Posers/Skaters/Hippies/Gangsters/Nerds/etc.etc. right? wrong?


Anonymous said...

I am a person that is
always big on people
expressing themselves and
their opionons but I really
wasnt feeling the video.

I agree with you saying that we
should all be ourselves at all
times regardless of whether or
not it offends others.

The people on Jersey shore
are just products of their
environments and if she is
offended by that its kind of
a personal problem. They arent
indicative of what all italians
are like but they are just
opening our eyes to an american subculture in which many of them
happen to be italian


Very very well put and i totally AGREE, I MUST SAY i SHARED THE SAME SENTIMENT after seeing this video. it definitely seems like some true "haterade" and shows how uncomfortable some people are about themselves and their stature by taking shots at the next person. I guess in all reality we have to be the soul controllers of our own actions, and "get into ourselves" as apposed to the lives of others. thanks 4 the commnet.

Anonymous said...

indeed. we are def.
on the same page lol

your welcome :)