Saturday, December 5, 2009

Summit on The Stoop - Saturday building with the HighSchool crew

"Summit on The Stoop" is a HighSchool program that places students with working Artists and other business professionals. Today some of the kids came thru to build at my studio and talk art. It was realy fun man, drinking Hawaiian Punch "Polar Blast" and talking art and swagger. The group was also able to meet the homeys Ibrahim yaqut(Artist Republic) and the incredible Lichiban. i did a small paint demo talking about contour and proprtion, the start of a great Sat. despite the sh*tty weather. Here's a few flics, special thanks to Ashley(below w/ the dope dukey rosary on) and Sallome Hralima, the work they do is amazing w/ the future...


Heavenly Glory said...

yall look like real swagformers in the last foto.

THX for everything..

<3 A

L said...

This is a really great post Con, thanks for sharing! "SOTS" sounds like an amazing and great opp for the students! Word!

Ps. That karate chop, wahhh'chaaa pose is the shit.

littlebird said...

Tony loves the kids! lol
teach the youngins. they need it.

Anonymous said...

I wish my highschool
had done stuff like that

its cool that you spend
time in the community like

we need more people like you