Saturday, December 5, 2009


Without a cape,mask,incredible uniform
Illusion sits half man half unicorn,
In Sag walking directly into the burning
Flames of the future,
The number nine a towering number doing its twisted karma Sutra,
Freed by time, released from the holds of the city,
Set for a voyage, one flies to beats parallel to the heavens,
The Invisible man, you can still see when you close your eyes,
The water which gathers before a baby cries,
Standing over the city looking upon its grief,
Thor the IronMan, or Hulk with polo and Jordan 23s beneath,
Love seen below the streets in the underground,
Move Superman, move light past eyes, colors through sound,
She knows, he knows, they all do...
Your identity is only yours, the only thing you must hold onto.

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