Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tokyo + painting night 1 + MJ for Lena and Raul/Thanks for showing me great hospitality+

Werd! So after getting picked up from the Narita airport I went str8 to the artstore and copped fresh brushes/new paint/canvases etc. I was pretty excited to see the selection of Sumi'brushes and get my hands on fresh materials...This painting came out over good conversation and the 'Captain Mor.'lol+ I painted Michael because allday i had "This is It" stuck in my head, seemed appropriate and the start of many paintings= Off to Shibuya+

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Lieu Fatale said...

Bomb work as always! [(Sorry for lack of comments)] Maybe sometime you can put together a portfolio I could feature you on our blog Fatale !nk.
Take mooooore pictures! I'd love to see what the culture is like! njoy your trip and be safe.