Monday, February 1, 2010

Applebum Clothing + Photoshoot2010 + JP

Applebum can be considered a streetwear brand on the run, making moves from JP to BK indeed. The brand has collabro'd with a host of industries finest such as Wutang, New Era, Stussy, Undefeated, and Semi-Erotic Photographer Yasumasa Yonehara. I was fortunate enough to Voltron with the Applebum team to shoot there 2010 Spring/Summer lookbook.

Applebum also had The ill Emcee/beat production homie MeccaGodZilla ,and DJ Sarasa whom you mos def should checkout+ Bgirl/Crate Digger/mixtape killer+ So I was blessed to shoot,meet,and expand with some 'inspiring artists' from the States to the Tokyo side of things. THE PHOTOS BELOW WHERE TAKEN BY PHOTOGRAPHER LadyLonline LADIES*CHECK HER BLOG.

Tried my best but think I need to stick to paintings and Footwork+

Once again many thanks to the Applebum Squad for the love, BLAP!


Ace said...

Aww!!! Look at my wittle concep!!! All grown up and takn bigman pics now like a truuuuuu mover and shaker in EVERY ASPECT!! BIG UPS!! I'm sooo proud of you NATTY!!!! BIG HUGS AND KISSES SONSON!! WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT BIIIG THIS YEAR! RingDings of 98' HOLLA BACK!!!

oh and YES you may pop yo collah now buddy.


Year of the White Tiger+ Rare + beautiful + fierce + go at em' ACE+you gonna like todays post+TATS+TATS+BLAP!

Anonymous said...

the name of this line
is half of the name to
one of my favorite songs
of all time; bonita applebum
so already I dugg it before

that stuff is hot.
the very first pic
was it a case of some
sort or was it the vest
rolled up??

either way its all dope

and u looked good modeling
u really do everything :)


LOL @EF thanks' the flic uptop is actually a pillow, they APPLEBUM offers a vest, footrest, and jacket in the same allover print+