Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cadilac Ambitions -pgs.12-13

DoubleClk+on image+


Anonymous said...

once again, another installation of dopeness I just had to comment on...U sir r 1 def poet. I've been an admirer of your artistic talents for quite some time now but I connect with your poetry on a personal level, I say this from the standpoint of one who loves this artform with as much passion as I put into it when I create. Real recognizes real and I must give props..Please keep uploading more of your writing as I will definitely keep reading..As a token of solidarity, here's a link to one of my pieces, I'm also a journalist/blogger so if you get the chance check my site out some time..just click my id and it should take you to it PEACE

Anonymous said...

I really liked the way
this flowed...I can see
that there is a reoccuring
theme of a large amount
of respect to the most
high for your talent..

i respect that

I know a few artists
who are sooo not humble
and it kinda lame

cant wait till the book