I have ten-fifteen canvasses sitting in the studio ready for the next thing.  My mind keeps running the word "collection", "collection, collection, collection"...over and over again.  I realize the new studio, new "piece of mine", change from adverse directions,...are all playing a part in the build-up of whats to become of my artwork.  I think an artist is  and always will be,..kinda like a light switch that has duck tape over it and can't be turned off.  As of late, I have learned that this art is my loudest voice...It is my rap, it is my propaganda, my toy, my invention, fantasy, doo-dad, teardrop, scream... So as of late i've just been "thinking about it".  Thinking, thinking, reading, watching, looking under rugs, around corners, listening to the words to my favorite songs, watching shit happen in front of me on the train, in the park etc.  My homeboi called me and said in like one week, he saw a girl get killed in a bike accident, a gang fight involving like 30 dudes, and his bike got stolen from the bodega in like 2 minutes flat...I sat and thought of not how I could paint all the shit that happened to him, but more do I paint the Gumbo of emotions inside of him, the sorrow, insecurity, frustration, the questions?  So i guess, I'm not sure,...I'm not sure what the next painting should or will be.  There is a world of beauty out there, so much to sit and marvel at from daydreams to night stars.  I can't tell you what this collection will be, but I do know that individuality, point of view, care, and love has to go into the work+All of our work+ Something more than I can explain, I think it's changing...without the brush moving it has already changed+


Anonymous said…
Hayley Severns said…
I like what you've said here. I also like that, as with all artists, everything coming out through you in these next works will be extensions of what has always been there for you since you first picked up something to make marks. The same things we're drawn to since childhood in our synthesizing of different contexts keep drawing us, cycling through us... transforming, evolving in our everyday. I find that re-membering this helps me keep connected to that feeling of being on the path.

Will look forward to seeing what comes...

Peace and bless,

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