Playing around w/ watercolors+Making allover print graphics+photoshop;illustratorCS3

To give you guys a perspective of some of the work I do outside of just painting here's a look at some pattern work I was playing with lstngt. The goal of this experiment was to translate some of my water color images into print/pattern work. I began with taking water color paper squares and creating designs that where organic and had some nice movement. The second step was to scan the water color images one by one and create a page of designs. I did the first portion in photoshop taking the images I created, desaturated the color and creating work paths for each individual design. After creating the work paths I then exporting them into illustrator CS3, there I was able to create vector images of the shapes and manipulate there size and colors to create individual squares to be used for repeats. I threw them in a few bodies and this is what turned out+ if you have any questions on the design process feel free to leave a comment and I'll try my best to explain. Hopefully I can post more design work as I continue to practice and experiment with a few new things.


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