+ Sideways

The ocean always moves
Birds have beautiful wings
Songs make us dance without asking permission
Candy is tasty
Sometimes running fast is just as fun as walking slow
A smile at someone you don't know
How pretty the girl is dressed up to go to the club
The animals you only see at the zoo that you want to set free
When your homie cries saying I do to his old lady but tries to hold it 
The way a kite flies
A nice crossover leading to a 3 point shot
Jupiter, Saturn, the stars
The girl wearing a Rumper dancing to her jam slightly drunk
Peppermint smell
A challenging game of solitaire
Colors that you don't now the name of
Ultraviolet Saturday morning dreams
Little kids dancing like Michael Jackson
The longest book you managed to finish and always talk about
Prayers that got answered
Falling asleep on a someones shoulder
Sand in your shoes after a good day
Something you created
Laughing out loud in a quiet room
Poverty that inspires
Birthday cake
A jazz moment
Seeing under water
That song you know every word too
The old thing that's always new
The right portion
The things you take a second to look at sideways+

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