Working on the +Darkside paintings

So i've been in the studio blacking out canvas with Gesso i found on the street. I found these two large cans of Black Gesso walking to the Dame Dash gallery a week ago and since have been inspired to use them for the collection i'm putting together. The darkside will be a collection of black canvas with thoughts and ideas generated throughout an interesting transition. Survival, change, a perspective gathered from subtraction is where my head is at. I sold "Master Teacher" today the painting shown with the little girl, a Jamel Shabazz portrait I remaid. I held onto it for a while but today it went to the right place/person...On the way to understanding what it takes to keep going as an artist Trumps success, Trumps money...both things in which we want. but right now the main priority is to "keep going" challenge yourself to create in pursuit of what you love and imagine.


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