"The Prince of Soho" A2+B2=C2 artshowing-Concep 11/18/10

The paintings will hang over at the "The Prince of Soho" located @ 4 Prince street
near Bowery until Dec. 17th.  If you are in the Soho area please checkout the store and artwork for some really official vintage fashions, Polo, salvage, Pony, Kswiss, bags etc.  The artwork marks a beginning of sorts for me.  Taking some time to paint some of the things that I feel are direct links to my upbringing.  Images and people I feel should be  represented in the medium of paint.  Ideas and concepts from a  perspective in limbo between a Southern upbringing and my current roots in Brooklyn New York.  Content with social ideal that i've worked with for the past few years as I develop my personal language within my art.  Shouts' to DJ Asahi, Yaz, and Yuki of Old-soulz.comhttp://www.old-soulz.blogspot.com/ please checkout the site for upcoming events.

The fashions "The Prince of Soho" offer along with a consumer energy that brings together an eclectic group of artist, thinkers, and fashionistas etc. created the perfect environment to debut a few new things I have been working on w/ the arts.  Old-Soulz pulled together a perfect atmosphere and set the tone for a nice evening of art meets fashion.

Shout to Qadriyyah Griffin and Earry Hall (photos) over @ Prince of Soho.  Thank You

Understand: momentum in life comes from increased fluidity, a willingness to try more, to move in a less constricted fashion. - the 50th


oh wow, how could i have missed this?! the new work is looking HOT, sun!! congrats!!!

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