In The Studio _ Los Angeles _ CA _ GUNSHOW artwork summer 2012

I've been in the city of Los Angeles since November 2011' and stoked to finally be working on a new group of paintings.  Hand guns have been the focus for this project falling under the appropriate name "Gunshow".  Making a cohesive and concentrated effort to paint a theme driven show is the goal, using pattern and a much darker pallet from work I have done in the past.  Aside from the visual art this project will be accompanied with an EP of beat selections i'm currently producing with TakeARecord and ConveyerOfCool.  Continue to go after your dreams, never give up the minds vision.  Cheers! to my good friend and inspiration @lichiban for her work on the first painting shown above.  Checkout my website  Photos By: @musicjones DTLA



Hosanna-Sophia said…
peace, Believer.
Always exciting to see growth*
Unknown said…
Very nice! ACB you rock!
Tony CNCP said…
Thanks Hosanna give me a shout ya'heard. Kell's thanks I hope I see everybody in the Chuck soon.

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