the GAP "The Art Of Blue" mural Los Angeles

 My contribution to the GAP's #backtoblue "The Art Of Blue" Campaign on Sepulveda and Palm, Culver City, California.  Many thanks to @Lichiban @MusicJones for the help, I could not have rocked it out without you guys.  For more photos and info on the project checkout the link below.

 The city is a canvas. Every surface can be transformed into something beautiful – by simple marks, or by an unexpected masterwork. To jolt our imaginations as we walk or bike or ride by, or to form a cornerstone of the community. To help us both appreciate and escape the urban everyday.
Founders Don and Doris Fisher have supported modern art since starting Gap in 1969. Their passion for creativity is a reason why Gap is here today. In 2013, the proposition is simple: empower some of the most gifted emerging artists around the globe to create murals on the streets of six cities, from Los Angeles to Rome, and make this new generation’s platform a little bigger.
To make magic out of the madness of the city.


Rubin415: Brooklyn
 Apexer: San Fransisco
See all the artist and the #backtoblue murals @


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