Group Art Show By: XistheWeapon , Santa Anna, CA Sept.

Some shots from the group show in Santa Ana. Good people, great artists and many new links made that night. Thanks to the brother June22 @xistheweapon, @Lichiban,@jouvonmichaelkingsby and @LizKillz for all the support. Below is some recent work under 'TrapArt' along with artist @paul_Daniels Kareen Abdul Jabbar portrait which was really incredible. Bless, the lil' bruv @idris_shadow dope upcoming young artist. Jouvon M Kingsby's Kelis wall art and a recent piece rocked in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico this month for MiCasa Holiday courtesy: @juliustmt. If you are in Santa Ana swing by 305 N. Spurgeon street, Santa Ana, ca 92701 I believe some of the walls may still be up.


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