Wallplay Gallery__#TBTSH20_Wataah

Photo by @Robertstevens above _of the @Wallplayspace gallery located on the corner of Orchard and Delancy St. ,NYC Wataah's #TBTSH2O Taking Back The Streets is  campaign in connection with #Flotus. The campaign is merging streetart/artists with the water companies bottles and merchandise to influence kids that water is a better alternative to sugar filled drinks and sodas...All in an effort spearheaded by The First Lady to get kids eating and living all around healthier.  I am grateful to be involved in this initiative b/c far too often I see my own community limited in it's choices for healthier alternatives to eat, drink, and shop.  The show will be up until March4th Tuesday night demos for the kids.#Godbless - Wallplay


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