Wataah "Taking BAck The Streets" Art Demo w/ Walt Whitman Middle School_Long View Gallery Washington DC

Many Thanks to all the students and teachers from Walt Whitman Middle School in DC that participated in the Wataah "Taking Back The Streets" gallery art demo.  It was a pleasure speaking to the kids about streetart and it's affect on my life along with the influences that go into my work.  Wataah along with Michelle Obama's DrinkUp initiative is all about showing the youth that there are healthier alternatives out there for their bodies and consumption along with their creativity and affect on the world around them.  Artist including Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, Technodrome, Smurfo, Christophe, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, Trey Speegle and many others whom showed work for a charitable cause.  The kids were able to see the art prior to the opening reception with dialogue on each artist.  I look forward to going back to visit the Wildcats and present the demo painting to the School.  Photos By: James Bullock (i4foto.allyou.net)


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